Our back story

For those of you who don’t know, here is who we are.  I am John and my wife is Korri.  The three kids are Emma (13), Johnny (11), and Owen (9).  Not pictured is the six year old dog with one good leg, Coco.

We have thought about this idea for a long time and there were always road
blocks.  Because we own the campground, we cannot take the summer off to go.
Then we wondered about the kids missing school if we went in the winter.  In the
summer of 2010, we said the hell with it and threw caution to the wind.  We
started talking about going as if we actually were going.

August 2010 came and Korri turned 40.  The day before her birthday, she
went and got her first mammogram.  She knew this was important because she had
participated in two different Susan G. Komen 3 Day 60 mile walks already.  Lo
and behold, the mammogram was positive.  She had a cancerous lump in her right
breast that metastisized to the first two lymph nodes.  The good news is that it
was so small and caught so early, they could remove it and treat with radiation
with great success.  One year and one more 3 Day 60 mile walk and she feels
great and the doctors concur.  Needless to say, planning a trip for November and
December was not an option, it was  a necessity.

So here we are, 2011.  Emma is turning 13 and in 7th grade.  We realized
that we only have this year and next before she hits high school and grades and
attendance records start to count.  We knew it was now or never.  We started
talking to the schools at the end of the summer and found out that they would
work with us and we would not have to dis-enroll the kids.  The teachers can all
just front load as much as possible and let us know what to make up in the

We also knew that we wanted to take the trip in a motorhome.  Korri and
her family had a motorhome when she grew up and she enjoyed the trips they
took.  We figured that camping in the fall/winter months would be more enjoyable
in a motorhome also.  Now came the debate, buy or rent, what style, what size,
how big, gas or diesel, tow a car, etc…

The final answer is…

and yes it is locked in since we bought it.  Why did we buy this one?  Here
is the reasoning.  Rentals were prohibitively expensive for a two month trip.
We thought that if we bought right and sold right, we would not loose as much
money as a rental.  We also wanted everyone to have their own bed.  We did not
want to fold down a dinette or convert a couch so that somebody could go to
bed.  Also, individual beds allow for some personal space.  We knew that no
matter how big of a motorhome, it would get very small, very quick.  We also
realized that many class C motorhomes (the kind with the bed over the driver’s
seat) have their water and sewer tanks exposed which could freeze during the
colder months.  If you are familiar with RVs, you know that they must be level
to be comfortable and work properly.  Many class A motorhomes (the big square
ones with the fishbowl windshields) have hydraulic leveling jacks that let the
driver level the whole rig from the driver seat.  So, here is the compromise.
There is queen bed in the back, two individual bunks just in front of the back
bedroom, a dinette, a couch, a chair, and a queen bed over the driver’s


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